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Emilio Chapela Perez - 1978

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Emilio Chapela lives and works both in Mexico City and the Forgotten Realms of the Earth.
He works with the latest technology from Japan and China. His artistic practice is concerned
with the development of a system that allows the operator to control various processes such
as those used for conventional and unconventional methods to determine the relative
importance of individualized factors.
He also investigates the effect of increasing importance of the different methods used to
identify the specific factors involved in the production and dissemination of a particular
type of information.
In such a way, he has worked with several different methods to determine how the various systems
respond to the needs identified through their own resources.
He has participated in shows both at galleries, museums and other cultural institutions, at places
like the U.S. Geological Society of America and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
He was awarded with the prestigious award for gallantry in the field of public procurement
and disposal. In 2010, he published his first book on the history of the world.
In the near future, he will be showing his work at the National Institute of Technology and
Information Ethics in Washington DC.